“Addiction” has come to refer to so many things in recent years. From alcohol and substances, to gambling, love, and even food-related addictions.

There are a number of ways that our lives can become affected by an overwhelming need for something.

Addiction can be a very scary place.

Often the hardest thing to do is to make that first step and ask for help.

At Cultivating Change Counseling Services, LLC IN TOLLAND CONNECTICUT, we are here and ready TO HELP when you are.

Are you still unsure if you have a problem?

Do other people ask you to get help, or have you recently gotten into trouble that has required you to seek treatment?

Even if you’re not sure about the term “addiction” and just feel annoyed by everyone else telling you that you have a problem, we can talk about that. There is no requirement to identify as an addict or commit to making any changes.

We are simply here to support your process as you begin to address these challenges.

Or, maybe you have become tired of addiction controlling your life and want to confront it? We are here to help you understand what addiction looks like for you, how it effects your life, and what you can do to create effective change. We can provide you with the support you need in order to make those initial changes.

If you have already started this process and feel confident in your recovery we can also help you develop a plan to maintain your progress and keep addiction from affecting your future.


Pulling back labels and misconceptions around addiction... 

Additionally, we also aim to provide a support system for families and/or loved ones affected by addiction. Often these are the people who become aware of the problem first, but they have little to no control over whether or not their family member chooses to get help.

This can make families and/or loved ones feel helpless and in some cases they will allow their life to become focused on helping another person reach recovery.

To help with this we offer education about specific addictions, individual coping strategies, and group therapy for additional support.

Whether it is you or someone you care about that struggles with addictive behaviors, recovery is possible!

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