Brain injury

Are you still trying to understand what happened since your injury, how your brain changed, or how your injury has affected your life?

Do you feel like no one understands what you have been through or takes the time to learn? Do you often feel that everyone else is speaking so fast, but you’re scared to ask them to slow down or even repeat what was said? 

Do you often struggle with your memory, but are too scared to let anyone know? Do you ever feel guilty about your injury and the way it has affected others?

Do you often wish you could just go back to life before your injury?

So often brain injury is misunderstood, unrecognized or just ignored. Here at Cultivating Change Counseling Services LLC in Tolland Connecticut, we consider this unacceptable.

Brain Injury is very real and is accompanied by many life-altering changes that can often require extensive adjustment. We are here to assist in that process, focusing on your needs, and how your brain injury has affected you.

Often traditional psychotherapy methods are ineffective with brain injury survivors because the process is too fast or complex. Here, there is no rush and no need for fancy methods.

Treatment with us moves at your own pace and is defined by the way your brain absorbs information.

Time is taken to provide you and your family with education and resources so that you can understand how the brain functions and what may have changed when yours was injured.

We don’t ignore the injury, we confront it. And we don’t make it the focus of your life, we make it part of who you are.

Give us a call, or click the Free Consult button below, to see how we might be able to help you!

Services are available in all of our formats and may be provided in-home for an additional fee. Yearly educational workshops are also offered to assist in learning and skill building for both survivors and their families.

Substance abuse specific treatment for brain injury survivors can also be provided under the Acquired Brain Injury Waiver through the Connecticut Dept. of Social Services.