Couples & Marriage

“If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

From the beginning of time, the fundamental human relationship has been the one between two committed life partners – the marital relationship.

This relationship is meant to be one of love, support, intimacy, and teamwork.

However, there are many challenges that this relationship can face, and without effective tools and skills, many of these relationships do not stand the test of time.

At Cultivating Change Counseling Services LLC in Tolland Connecticut, we know what it takes to make these relationships last and remain strong.

Part of our mission is to assist couples in achieving the kind of longevity and satisfaction in their marriage that they have always wanted.

Whether you and your partner are on the brink of ending your relationship, are simply looking to strengthen your bond, or are somewhere in between, we can help.



We have success in helping couples work through communication issues, conflict resolution, parenting challenges, rebuilding intimacy, dealing with crises, extended family dynamics, and even infidelity.

Unfortunately, couples often wait to seek couples counseling until the issues in their relationship are so intrusive that one or both of the partners wonder if their relationship will even survive.

It is never too early, or too late, to seek help!

One of the nation’s leading researchers on marriage, Dr. John Gottman, has found that one of most important keys to relationship success and longevity is a couple’s level of commitment to overcoming whatever challenges their relationship faces. No issue is too big or too complex to be worked through. Sometimes we simply need some assistance in addressing the challenges facing our relationships.

Let's work together to make your relationship a strong, fulfilling and lifelong one!