Families & parenting

What constitutes a family unit has certainly changed, but the principles that successful families use to navigate the life span have remained constant.

Whether your family is stereotypical or atypical, we want to help you address your family’s challenges.

We offer counseling services to families of all shapes and sizes and work with them to address whatever issues they are dealing with.


                                                          Common issues we address with families include:
 Relationship dynamics, communication, conflict resolution, stress/time management,
                     parenting issues, grief and loss, significant life changes, and even the effects of separation or divorce.

We often tell our clients that parenting is the hardest job in the world. Ultimately, the job of every parent is to raise their kids up into functioning adults. Easier said than done!

Parenting is arguably more difficult in today’s world than ever before.

There are new challenges facing our youth that previous generations could never have imagined.

On top of that, kids seem to be “growing up” faster than ever and parents, and the kids themselves, are often uncertain how to handle the challenges that come as a part of today’s society. 

We frequently work with families in a variety of formats simultaneously in order to be most effective at meeting your needs – treating individual family members, couples, parental and sibling units, and complete families.

Here at Cultivating Change Counseling Services LLC in Tolland Connecticut, we are specifically knowledgeable about the challenges facing divorced parents and blended families and can help navigate this often delicate process as well.