grief & trauma

Experiencing loss is a part of life and sometimes the process of grief that follows can seem overwhelming.

Any kind of loss can result in grief. Whether it is the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a broken relationship, or any other life event that changes how we have lived.

Often grief leads to feelings we don’t understand, can’t seem to control, and feel trapped by.

Similarly, trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

Trauma comes in many shapes and sizes, can have both short-term and long term effects, and can alter the way you see and live your life.

Not all trauma is as easily recognizable as surviving childhood abuse or serving as a member of the military in combat, but all trauma is life changing.

Whether it is a seemingly minor event or a series of impactful events that you have struggled to move past, grief and trauma can often come with a wide range of stages and emotions.

It isn’t uncommon to feel lost and detached, to have feelings of sadness or anger, and to even question if you will ever be able to move past the event no matter how big or small.

It is important to recognize that both grief and trauma are part of a process. Our clinicians here at Cultivating Change Counseling Services LLC in Tolland Connecticut, are trained to help you navigate that process.

We are here to help you learn more about what you might be experiencing, how to better manage and cope with what you are feeling, and help you bring healing and move forward in a healthy way.

If you or someone you know may benefit from grief or trauma counseling, we are here to help.